Document Security

Paper documents handled in the office often contain confidential information.

If such information is compromised, either deliberately or accidentally, the consequences can be damaging to your business. While information on companies’ computer networks is usually well protected, information being scanned and printed on an MFP is usually not.

Now Fleet MPS software services can be used to introduce a highly secure printing environment that demands users to authenticate themselves at the printer before their print jobs are released. This way, confidential documents are not left lying on the printer tray for everyone to see. Fleet MPS software services also tracks all the e-mails made from the MFP, attaching the credentials of the user to the sent e-mails. Just as from the PC, the sending of anonymous e-mails from your office MFP will be prevented.



The printed document is the oldest source of data leaks, and protection of printed output remains an important issue to this day.

The first line of defence is to prevent unwanted copies of a document being printed. To address this concern, Fleet MPS Software services utilise a security system to help companies protect against threats to this confidential data. By integrating embedded software into MFP technology, we will use a whitelisting method that allows only approved files to run, offering significantly more protection than traditional security strategies.  Fleet MPS provide services and technologies that are infused with security at every level to ensure our customers information is secure.