What is MPS?

MPS is a service provided by an external service provider, such as Fleet MPS, who manages an organisation’s entire document printing needs and the overall management of printing services.


Key Benefits of Working with Fleet MPS

A good MPS provider should have the expertise to ensure that organisations’ print strategies are fully utilising best practices and up-to-date technology to achieve maximum efficiency, maximum return on investment and maximum sustainability in an environmentally friendly way.

Founded in 2010 by the present management team, with 50+ years’ collective experience in document management, Fleet MPS has grown steadily, forging solid partnerships with best of breed hardware and software manufacturers to ensure that our services stand head and shoulders above the competition in almost every area of the industry.

Our aim is to be, and remain, the partner of choice for managed print services by being completely customer focused. We do not believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. Instead, our expert MPS consultants work closely with each client, on site, to assess the existing print infrastructure and processes, and the needs of staff, before carefully preparing a bespoke proposal. What’s more, we offer this service FREE, WITH NO OBLIGATION.

Our unparalleled expertise and uncompromising service, always putting customers first, have always been key to our much envied reputation, and why we get to work with various blue chip companies and SME’s alike.

Call us now on 0345 50 50 107 to book your FREE Print Audit.

Knowledge is power – We give you knowledge

Fleet MPS’s automated real-time tracking and on-demand reports provide our clients with unprecedented clarity and transparency, engendering a deep understanding of the actual costs…

  • over time,
  • per device,
  • per page,
  • per workgroup, and
  • per individual user

These metrics are invaluable in monitoring efficiency gains, and in empowering managers to confidently deploy decisive strategies for further improvements in efficiency.

Of course Fleet MPS can also provide expert advice and assistance in interpreting this data, and we are always on hand to recommend and implement of optimum strategies whenever it looks like time for a change.

We believe that Fleet MPS can provide a breadth and depth of services that simply cannot be matched by any other MPS provider in the UK.

You need a seamless transition – We make it happen

Progress is impossible without change but unmanaged change can be disruptive and lead to unimagined chaos; we’ve seen it happen! So before we recommend any change we adhere to two golden rules:


  1. Any change must make a real and sustainable difference in terms of cost saving and efficiency improvements,
  2. Any transition must be implemented to integrate seamlessly with existing processes to deliver the best possible return on investment and with minimum disruption.


Fleet MPS are experts in managing transitions to new technologies and workflows. If necessary, we can deliver training to ensure that productivity enhancements are immediate and unhindered by lack of understanding.

We help you reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment by:

  • lowering energy consumption,
  • reducing paper consumption,
  • decreasing carbon emissions, and
  • using environmentally friendly products and packaging.


We can lighten the load by helping you manage and maintain every aspect of your document systems and infrastructure.

We offer an end to end service which goes far beyond needs assessment and the supply, monitoring and maintenance of equipment and materials. We can also take care of:

  • installations,
  • configuration,
  • help desk,
  • training, and
  • technical support services