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Simple, Server-Less, Secure Cloud Print Management



Servers have for many years simplified the task of deploying print queues to users and centrally managing their preferences, and with the introduction of secure print they have given us a location to store print ready files until they are released by the user at a device. But as more and more businesses are shifting to the cloud, the requirement from our clients for a sever-less print solution is becoming more common. So how can it be achieved without an onsite server?


Introducing uniFLOW Online, a server-less application for all your printing and scanning needs across your organisation. Managed in the cloud, uniFLOW Online reduces IT overheads and saves on physical storage space, while delivering advanced document output management and mobile printing.



Hosting a traditional print solution in the cloud would cause large amounts of network traffic as spool files go back and forth from onsite workstations, to cloud server and back to onsite printers. uniFLOW Online tackles this by with the deployment of an application to each workstation. When a user hits print the spool file remains at their workstation but a job ticket is submitted to uniFLOW Online. The user can then walk to any device in the organisation, authenticate, and are shown a list of waiting print jobs. The user releases the job and uniFLOW Online triggers the user’s workstation to release the spool file.



  • No onsite print server requirements remove’s a potential single point of failure


  • Deployed on Microsoft Azure and is available to support your business operations around the world with local data centres


  • Flexible authentication using swipe cards or pin codes and includes the ability to integrate with Office365 and Azure AD


  • Print confidential documents securely


  • Prevent potential data leakage from print jobs being left at the printer


  • Reduce wastage and costs, good for the environment, good for your pocket


  • Increase staff efficiency with mobile printing


  • Take control of all costs associated with copying, printing and scanning


  • User subscription-based licensing model


NT-ware uniFLOW Online

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