The team at Fleet MPS are committed to offering efficient solutions that are sustainable so that we can help ensure the well-being of our future generations and the preservation of our home planet.

Below you will find information on how we are achieving this, and how our solutions can help make your business document processes more sustainable.


You Print One, We’ll Plant One.

Fleet MPS’s partnership with PrintReleaf enables us to do exactly that.

The paper consumption of any customer participating in the scheme is automatically transmitted to PrintReleaf. For every tree’s worth of paper our customers print (8,333 sheets), a tree will be planted in one of their global reforestation projects.

Preferred reforestation projects can be selected by the customer and are audited by independent auditor SGS.

Customers are provided with certificates (digital downloads) and with each transaction, our customers Lifetime Certificate is automatically updated to reflect their growing reforestation impact.

Click here to read the Fleet MPS PrintReleaf Case Study.


Heat-Free Technology


We are undoubtably facing a global climate crisis and making sustainable choices is essential.

Burning fossil fuels to create electricity produces vast amounts of CO2 and simply offsetting our carbon footprint isn’t enough, we need to inset by reducing the amount of energy we use.

Heat free technology from Epson uses up to 83% less energy than traditional laser technology which heats to around 200°c to fuse toner to the paper. Less power consumption saves both energy and money, and with up to 96% fewer used consumables and replacement parts, it also lowers environmental impact.

If everyone on the planet makes one small change, it can have a huge positive impact. Starting one page at a time, we can change the story together.


Working Smarter


Our secure follow you print solutions eliminate that common workplace sight of stacks of paper left sitting unclaimed on a printer’s output tray. They do this by only releasing print jobs whilst the user is standing at the device, giving the user the ability to delete unwanted jobs. Unreleased jobs will also be deleted automatically after a period of time.

Utilising our scanning solutions, workflows can be introduced to turn paper-based processes into efficient, digital ones, you’ll save paper, time and money and reduce the number of errors.

Further gains can be made by introducing double sided printing as default. This could reduce your paper waste by up to 50%.

We recommend setting your devices energy savers to match your printing patterns. You want to ensure that the device goes to sleep when not in use but is not asleep so often that it is having to continually wake and warm up, as this uses energy.

Upon print audit, our account managers look to identify and propose the most suitable devices for your business’s workload. Consumables in our laser devices and heat free ink devices have a high yield. Less deliveries and less waste mean lower environmental impact, as well as being more cost effective to run.


Recycled Paper


We are seeing an end to the days of poor-quality recycled papers that caused a multitude of issues in laser printers. Vast improvements in quality now make them a viable way of further reducing your environmental impact. We can supply Xerox Recycled Paper to our customers, or if you wish to source your own, we simply advise that you source it from a reputable brand.

As an alternative to recycled paper you could choose an environmentally responsible paper, such as one that is FSC certified.

We also recommend that you recycle any paper waste that you generate. Either in recycling bins, or by re-using any non-confidential documents as note paper!


Device Management


All of our customers devices are connected to our service management software. This enables us to automatically dispatch consumable items when required and provide our helpdesk with support information to help diagnose an issue before an engineer is dispatched.

Our warehouse facility is located in London, so parts that can be easily carried can be taken quickly to site by our engineers with zero environmental impact. Any parts that do have to be couriered don’t have to travel far to get to a destination in London.

Not only does this mean less parcels travelling around in vans, but due to our automation, there is no risk of over ordering. Meaning no dead stock sitting at customers sites that could one day end up in landfill.

Furthermore, as engineers have diagnostic data to hand before visiting site, often they will come armed with parts that may be required, reducing the need for return visits.


Consumable Recycling


Fleet MPS’s partnership with Xerox enables us to collect our customers empty Xerox consumables by sending a Fleet MPS Eco-Box. Once the box is filled, contact us to arrange collection and we will have each consumable sent back to Xerox for recycling. All Eco-Boxes are recycled or reused and never landfilled.

For our Canon devices, a scheme is run by Canon to recycle consumable items mostly from desktop printer models. For the devices that are not supported by this scheme we can recommend a recycling partner who operate a collection box service similar to our Xerox offering.


Sustainable Development


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership.

Each of our reforestation projects, via our partnership with PrintReleaf, set out to achieve not just reforestation but a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which help in ending poverty and other deprivations whilst tackling climate change and working to preserve our forests.