Making your business truly Paper Neutral by reforesting in line with your paper usage. Audited by independent auditors SGS International.



Sustainability as a Service

PrintReleaf is the industry leader in automated environmental offsets, boasting the world's first platform that automatically converts paper footprint into actual trees.

PrintReleaf enables you to offset your environmental impact, returning and multiplying the resources borrowed from the earth through certified reforestation and carbon offset projects.

Each of our reforestation projects also aim to achieve a set of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that contribute to ending poverty and other deprivations, whilst tackling climate change and working to preserve our forests.

Through our verified reforestation process, we guarantee 100% net survival of the trees you plant.

Work toward a more carbon neutral business with PrintReleaf’s built-in Carbon Offset option. Providing a significant opportunity to make a big positive environmental impact against climate change by offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your paper and packaging footprint. PrintReleaf’s Verra Certified Carbon offsets address your scope 3 carbon emissions.

You can also be sure the process is automated, precise, verified, and will benefit your brand's image.

How it Works

  • PrintReleaf measures your cumulative paper consumption via an integration with our printer fleet monitoring software. From this we calculate your paper footprint which is equal to a specific and accurate number of trees.
  • Customers can choose which PrintReleaf Certified Global Reforestation Projects they would like to contribute too via their PrintReleaf portal.
  • PrintReleaf automatically plants trees in certified global reforestation projects and optionally offsets the carbon associated with the production of the fiber-based materials.
  • You can monitor your cumulative environmental impact, and the Sustainable Development Goals that you are achieving via your PrintReleaf Dashboard.
  • PrintReleaf provides certificates and reports about the forests you have releafed over time.
  • SGS International, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, certifies our Global Forestry Partners and leads field audits across our network of projects to verify 100% net survival of our forests.

Key Benefits

  • Environmental Reforestation - Reforestation provides environmental and ecological reforestation where the planet needs it most.
  • Carbon Offsets - Work toward a more carbon neutral business for a cleaner, brighter future.
  • Certification - The PrintReleaf ecosystem is verified by our third-party certifying body, SGS International.
  • Automation - Completely automated, end-to-end integration from printer to seedling with no additional software to install.
  • Recognition - Through awareness, social marketing, and certifications, you can see and share the positive impact you have on forests around the world.


Making your business truly Paper Neutral by reforesting in line with your paper usage. Audited by independent auditors SGS International.

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