Managed Print Solutions from Fleet MPS offer dramatically improved efficiency across all aspects of printing and scanning.

Optimum management of a fleet of printers or multi-function devices is a challenging, specialised task, involving the selection and deployment of optimum hardware and infrastructure.  This is made possible through expert knowledge and skills. Some of the benefits of a Managed Print Solution are:

  • Access control, user tracking and data security essential to ensure legal compliance, information governance, and prevention of abuse.
  • Management of consumables such as paper, ink and toner with real-time tracking to maintain the correct balance between supply and demand which keep operations running smoothly and control wastage.
  • Print quality control, maintenance and servicing
  • Proactive fault monitoring and adherence to proper maintenance schedules minimises downtime, improves productivity and hardware longevity.
  • High availability technical support and assistance
  • Expert help when and where it’s needed, fast.
  • Reliable monitoring and auditing with clear and meaningful reports
  • Having systems in place which provide insight and understanding of usage and costs makes for more intelligent decision making.
  • Skilled planning and management of transitions and integrations
  • Automation of paper based processes where appropriate
  • Automation saves time, reduces human error and ensures consistency.
  • Facilitating printing from diverse devices such as personal mobiles
  • Improved flexibility and mobility enhances workflows and productivity.
  • Effective energy management and minimisation of environmental impact
  • Ensuring sustainability and maximum cost effectiveness.

For the majority of organisations, trying to manage all these facets in house can be a real struggle and is at best inefficient and counterproductive; at worst it can be a cause for inefficiency in your business.

A Fleet MPS managed print solution brings all of these elements together under one umbrella. Our tightly knit team of specialists work together, in tandem with carefully selected manufacturer partners, to ensure that our customers enjoy worry-free print services with reduced costs and tangible efficiency gains from every angle. We free-up organisations’ resources by shouldering the burden and removing uncertainty whilst simultaneously reducing costs and providing a whole plethora of additional benefits.

We begin with an expert assessment of existing print infrastructure and processes. This detailed audit sets out to determine actual total cost of ownership and to identify areas where there is scope for improvement. The resulting report includes a recommended strategy for implementing a bespoke managed print solution designed to ensure long-term cost reductions and return on investment. Better still, FleetMPS managed print solutions include continuous tracking and regular reporting so our customers benefit from being able to clearly see the cost savings over time (ok this makes us feel good too). It also means that the data is always on hand to quantitatively identify trends and make intelligent future adaptations as needs arise.

Best of all, once we are looking after your organisation’s print operations you get to relax and focus on the core aspects of business.