Expertly optimise processes with powerful connectivity and automation.

We help you pull data and systems together synergistically.


Our comprehensive software solutions provide:

  • improved all-round efficiency; saving time, materials and other costs.
  • maximum connectivity across modern and legacy systems,
  • system-wide access to up-to-the-minute data,
  • versatile automation to free-up staff from repetitive drudgery,
  • unification of data across workstations, web portals, print and email,
  • flexibility to implement imaginative workflows and intelligent documents



We can also provide you the added benefits of:

Printer load balancing to spread larger print jobs across multiple devices

  • Print faster and smarter, without hogging resources.

Multiple ways to trigger automated processes

  • Minimise response times and reduce the number of manual tasks by setting things in motion at predetermined intervals or in response to web site actions, emails, payments, SMS messages etc.

Cutting-edge real-time data capture from real paper and paperless forms

  • Harness the latest developments in smart pens and intelligent optical recognition.

Document optimisation for enhanced quality and faster printing

  • Make more efficient use of paper and save energy as well.

Enhanced data and document security

  • State of the art encryption, access control enforcement and additional safeguards.

Stress-free printer driver management

  • It’s nice when stuff just works!

Secure, intelligent local and mobile print queuing and routing

  • Permit users to print from any device, to any printer in a controlled way.

In-depth document and process analytics

  • Keep your finger on the pulse with dashboards full of useful information whenever you need it.

Digitise-first workflow strategies

  • Stop wasting paper and other consumables and get heaps of digital benefits into the bargain too.

Real-time print costing, charging and account control

Increase awareness of costs, track and control individual and departmental spending.
Our software solutions are backed up by:

  • first class advanced hardware and materials solutions,
  • embedded clients for printer and multifunction device control panels,
  • touch-screen peripheral interfaces for devices lacking control panels,
  • id card readers and alternative access controls,
  • hardware enhanced encryption,
  • advanced data acquisition devices, plus
  • expert advice, installation, integration, training and technical support.

FleetMPS specialists are experts in data and document technology and bang up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments in the field. Working closely with our customers’ personnel, FleetMPS’s talented consultants explore the options and design and tailor optimised suites of integrated hardware and software solutions that provide the functionality needed to boost efficiency and productivity to amazing new levels.

We know that modern workforces need to be mobile so we provide secure technological solutions for efficient document access and mobile print from personal mobile devices.

We understand how new systems and automation can sometimes be a worry and make some members of staff uncomfortable but this soon changes when the benefits become apparent. Our ability to smooth this path is something we pride ourselves on. Our person-centric cooperative approach means that your organisation need never be left with unfilled gaps in knowledge and knowhow.

We provide training where necessary but in many cases, where appropriate, integration of even the most advanced technology can be achieved with little or no change at all to existing processes.