Scanning Solutions

How to use your existing business infrastructure to capture paper documents:

Fleet MPS can help your organisation to utilise secure document capture and collaboration workflows to ensure you preserve critical content. This means you can find it when you need it. Your information is important. When sharing, or preserving it, the process of capturing that information must be handled with care. Our solutions deliver secure, streamlined records and document capture and collaboration workflows for your organisation. This eliminates data loss. It also ensures records are captured, classified and archived correctly – and safely. FleetMPS can provide smart network scanning applications that demand high security, easy accessibility, accelerated index-data entry and enhanced connectivity to copiers, MFPs and scanners.


Automated Forms and Document Capture:

Fleet MPS Software services provide solutions that include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software. This is the fastest, most precise way to convert paper, PDF files and forms with amazing accuracy into files you can share or archive in a document repository. We can help you to; Reduce the use of paper, create searchable PDF files, collect data from forms, and automatically send documents to others.

Our software Solutions provide the speed, quality and features making them the perfect choice to save valuable time. Not only this but it also reduces costs, gets the most out of all your scanning devices and increases productivity for everyone by creating documents that have been converted into searchable PDF.