Distribution & Retrieval of Documents

Information Management: Accessing Your Documents.

On average, office workers spend over 50 minutes per day looking for information*, which is a waste of company time and money. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a Fleet MPS Document Management Solution you can manage your documents more efficiently, reduce manual processing and allow instant secure document retrieval from anywhere. So, if you want to work smarter, save your company money and reduce office stress with Document Management, now you can.

Fleet MPS Document Management simply empowers all areas of your business to use document based information more efficiently.  It allows documents to be quickly and accurately searched and located without moving a single sheet of paper or even leaving your desk.

The exchange and distribution of documents, without the need of fax or time-consuming postal services, make meeting the demands of your customers quicker and easier than ever before, whether you are working from your head office, a branch or at home.



Our Business Consultants work with you to understand your needs.

With their experience they can help to identify potential improvements that Document Management could realise for your business.  And because our systems are modular they are easily integrated without large scale reengineering of your existing processes, minimising the expense and disruption that new systems are often burdened with.

So, with expertise in different industry sectors and different application areas in Legal, Medical, Education, Insurance, Fleet MPS Document Management is specifically designed to realise the potential of your business and give a quick, measurable return on investment.

By choosing Fleet MPS you benefit from our unique “whole-product” proposition, offering a single point of contact through our experienced consultants who can recommend the right components, specific to your business requirements. Also our ongoing assistance will ensure your system continues to develop in step with your changing needs.