11th July 2017

Marriott International Hotels

A Successful Solution for a Global Hotel Group

Fleet MPS recommendations have been developed over many years and are tailor made for each clients’ individual needs with a proven track record of successful partnerships. The service provides substantial and sustainable savings and improvements in productivity. They are also carried out and implemented to a specific process which ensures our ongoing relationship with our customers is very strong.

Our overriding concern is to make the transition to a Managed Print Service as smooth and efficient as possible through rigorous planning and attention to detail which follows through to comprehensive after service and ongoing planning for future technology as the workplace changes. There are also measurable environmental benefits associated with implementing a Managed print Solution.

This Case Study outlines the process at one of our clients who are an award winning, leading Global Hotel Group with locations in every major city in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world (specific details can be provided on request). Fleet MPS conducted an audit of the European Head Office working with the head of IT and the UK procurement Director, and demonstrated the capabilities to be awarded the contract for the supply of Managed Print Services.

.Step One: Assessment Phase

A Fleet MPS Consultant spent time at the client’s central London office, assessing the types of equipment in operation through the use of automated assessment software. This process identified that there were various manufacturers of different workgroup and local desktop printers combined with photocopiers. A detailed log of the makes, models and usage was carried out with the associated costs for running the devices. It was identified that there was a large unmanaged fleet of desktop printers that were expensive to run and inconvenient to manage, particularly in terms of toner replenishment, fault diagnosis and repairs. Fleet MPS worked closely with the client to understand what uses the machines had and why they were located in specific areas, and the most important features and benefits for particular departments. This was carried out by working closely with key sponsors in the organisation and a detailed understanding of the specific requirements of the users, executed through interviews and workshop style discussions. Some of the issues uncovered were related to consumables, functionally and equipment performances. Important areas for the client were cost efficiencies, transparency of individual and departmental charges for printing costs. The key users were not immediately aware of the benefits that can be achieved by implementing a managed print service and the introduction of software solutions to help manage and monitor ongoing use.

Step Two: Designing the Solution

The Fleet MPS Consultant worked with the client’s IT team to identify both current and future requirements for an MPS solution. These included standardising equipment and functionality combining copy, print, scan and faxing into single devices where possible, and work group desktop devices in other areas. Some key areas were automated toner replenishment and cost centre control. Both of these would need to be part of a Managed Print Solution and proactive remote management of devices so that consumables and error alerts were managed by Fleet MPS and not the hotels central IT help desk. A detailed Scope of Works was drawn up and agreed on by both parties that would provide real business benefits to client, detailing the exact specification of the project and clear deliverables for both parties, including software implementation and ongoing user training.

Global Hotel Group UK Procurement Director:

Fleet MPS provide exceptional value to our group through their key relationships with the manufacturer. It is an easy decision to work with them as they never disappoint and have built a reliable reputation in our business.”

 Step Three: Implementation and Go Live

The implementation plan for the roll out of the new solution included Fleet MPS Project Manager working to a detailed plan with on-site technicians and remote software installation, ensuring all aspects of the new solution were delivered on time to a working specification. Fleet MPS worked out of hours to deliver on the project plan and then ensured that the technology worked well and was integrated with the Hotel group’s existing systems. Old technology was removed and replaced quickly and efficiently. Testing the new solution went well and this led to a successful implementation with on-site training for all users to ensure that the new technology was functional with limited impact to the Hotel group’s core activities.

Step Four: Managing the Service Relationship

The Fleet MPS Consultant and project manager have built a good working relationship with the client. Regular reviews ensure that all aspects of the service delivery package work well, and the proactive monitoring software and remote HelpDesk are responsive and helpful to any difficulties that may occur from time to time. The Hotel Group’s IT and Facilities team have found that they spend little or no time managing print and scanning infrastructure as this has been outsourced and they can focus on other core business related activities. Fleet MPS and the client are now working together to identify other projects relating to cost management and business process with a view that the relationship will go from strength to strength. As a result Fleet MPS have been nominated as their preferred supplier through out the UK. This is based on excellent service support , strong technical capabilities and the ability to deliver key project goals. Fleet MPS have become the partner of choice based on strong relationship and the trust that has been created due to our ability to deliver excellent value.

Global Hotel Group European Head office IT Manager:

Fleet MPS deliver what they promise. They make the management of complex solutions seem simple and always strive to over deliver on our expectations and as such we recommend them through out the group to all our regional hotels.”