20th June 2023

Carbon Offsetting from Fleet MPS

Reforestation is one way the print industry can positively affect global forestry and fight global climate change. Offsetting Carbon emissions that are associated with the printing and manufacturing of paper is another way we can make a difference, and so we are pleased to announce that we can now offer that service via our existing PrintReleaf reforestation program that our customers already love.

Paper footprint is measured and calculated according to industry accepted standards. The Environmental Paper Network’s (EPN) Paper Calculator equations state that the production of 24,523 sheets of A4 standard paper, on average, is equivalent to 1 Metric Tonne of Carbon emitted.

Fleet MPS automatically measure your paper footprint and can now convert consumption into carbon offsets that are tracked by project in your user dashboard. Share lifetime offset certificates with your customers and watch your positive impact grow, while you print.

The Carbon Projects that we invest in include Wind Power, Reforestation, and Methane Recovery. They are Verra certified and span the globe, from Brazil to China, the United States to Netherlands, and in between, and as with our reforestation efforts, as projects are completed, new ones are found and added.

Speak to Fleet MPS today to understand more on how we can help you achieve carbon zero for a cleaner, brighter future.