26th January 2023

Artificially Intelligent Document Workflows

Until now, data capture from documents in automated workflows has relied on a standardised layout of source documents. Often when a supplier changes for example their invoice layout, or a new supplier is onboarded, programming is required to allow the workflow to continue processing.

Fleet MPS are excited to offer an Artificially Intelligent Document Workflow Solution with automatic detection of unstructured document types. Document fields, such as invoice numbers, line items and values, are automatically recognised and metadata extracted to enable the document to be processed and output to other systems or file storage.

Artificial Intelligence will almost completely eliminate the manual tasks in document processes. Whilst paper documents may still need to be scanned, these can be scanned in batch, and automatically split, identified, and processed without user intervention.

Enhancements in OCR and OMR enable handwritten text within documents to be digitised and elements such as checkboxes to be identified and utilised in workflows.

The solutions Artificial Intelligence is cloud hosted and constantly learns from the documents of clients using it. To help ensure the solution meets your businesses security standards we offer hosting in the UK.

Contact our Professional Services team today to find out how we can utilise artificial intelligence to reduce your businesses reliance on manual tasks.