22nd December 2022

Simplified Document Workflows with Connect Apps

As businesses move to a cloud, thus reducing their local infrastructure, its important that their document process is not negatively impacted. Xerox apps enable businesses to improve their document workflows, enabling a safe and intuitive method of digitising documents.

Single sign on from our Xerox devices enables users to authenticate with their existing door access cards or NFC on mobile devices. Not only does this allow users to connect with the businesses document repository such as OneDrive or Google Drive for scanning and printing but also ensures that all usage is audited.

All configuration is handled by our professional services team, and because it is hosted in the cloud, all updates and patches are managed by Xerox. This frees up your IT resources, allowing them to concentrate on your core business.


  • Single sign on using mobile devices
  • Navigate folder structures through the Xerox apps
  • Generate reports on individual usage data