8th September 2022

The Impact of Office365 Basic Authentication Depreciation on Scan to Email

Microsoft have announced that as of 1st October 2022, Basic Authentication will be disabled in all tenants, regardless of usage.

Microsoft are specifically making an exception for SMTP, the protocol used by multi-function devices for Scanning to Email as it is not possible to use modern authentication on these devices. Whilst the exception will ensure that our customers devices can continue to scan to email, we have been recently finding that some customers Office365 tenants have had SMTP with Basic Authentication disabled.

If you note that your Scan to Email does fail to work, then it’s possible that Microsoft have automatically disabled SMTP with Basic Authentication in your tenant, and you should follow the Opt Out process in your Office365 Admin Portal. The process is accessible via the following URL https://aka.ms/PillarEXOBasicAuth and the screenshot below can be used for reference of what options you need to select to Opt Out of having Basic Authentication for SMTP disabled.



If you still have issues, then we advise you first check the following settings on your devices in case another issue is preventing Scan to Email:

  • Time, Date and Time zone.
  • Network settings such as Gateway, DNS and Domain Name.
  • Username and Password of the account in use.
  • If still unresolved and you suspect that your SMTP Basic Authentication has been disabled, then we suggest raising a ticket with Microsoft via your Office365 Admin portal.


    There are some other solutions which you may wish to consider:

  • For customers using our Xerox devices, the “Scan to Cloud Email” app can be installed to enable Scan to Email with no configuration or reliance on your own mail server.
  • Consider a different method of scanning. Our Print Solutions can offer scanning to cloud storage. For example, users could authenticate at devices and scan back to their own business OneDrive folders.
  • Utilise another SMTP server or cloud mail service such as Gmail.
  • Whilst it’s possible to scan via your relay (for example yourdomain-com.mail.protection.outlook.com), we tend not to recommend this, as it is a less secure way of transmitting scans.