6th June 2022

Automate Document Workflows with Xerox Workflow Central

Don’t let everyday document challenges consume employee’s valuable time. Xerox Workflow Central brings the power to overcome these challenges to all your devices, from PC or mobile device to Xerox Multifunction Printers. Providing your business with intuitive and simple tools that enable your employees to focus on what matters most.

Bridge the gap between paper and digital to advance your Digital Transformation journey by uploading documents, photos, and image files to the Workflow Central platform.

Hosted on the secure global infrastructure of the Microsoft Azure platform, Workflow Central provides security at every level, safeguarding your data and documents, and enabling you to access the tools you need with always-on 24/7 access.
Combining any of the following tools into automated workflows streamlines your business processes and increases productivity.

Convert to Audio – Convert documents into an audio file so you can listen wherever, whenever.
Convert to MS Office – Convert PDFs, hard copies, or image files to editable, digital Microsoft Office formats.
Handwriting to Text – Convert handwritten notes from paper or whiteboard into legible, editable, and shareable digital files.
Summarize – Rely on AI to get the key points from a lengthy report, article, or white paper.
Redact – Hide confidential or personal identifiable information (PII) with precision and speed using cutting-edge AI to identify set words or phrases.
Translate – Translate into over 40 different languages whilst retaining the original layout of your documents.
Merge – Combine up to 5 files of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or existing PDFs into one.