28th March 2022

Automated Document Modification

In a world that’s ever shifting to digital transformation it seems increasingly counterintuitive to source pre-printed papers for letterhead and alike. This frequently leads to confusion amongst users on what paper type needs to be loaded in which tray, which orientation, face up or down, and results in waste of pre-printed paper and employee time.

In this video we look at how Fleet MPS can optimize this workflow using Kofax Output Manager to reduce costs, boost productivity and give users a more friendly experience.

Using just one paper tray, users can automatically incorporate Letterhead, Continuation and Terms and Conditions pages into their print jobs.

Compatible with traditional direct printing as well as our follow you print solutions, Kofax Output Manager not only handles the workflow of the physically printed document but can also route a digital copy of the job to the businesses document management (storage) at the same time to meet your compliance needs.

Letterhead and Terms and Conditions pages are just two examples of what Kofax Output Manager can achieve. By using data extraction, we can, for example, automatically read an account number from a page and applying a barcode for later use by an envelope stuffer, or extract post codes to automatically include targeted advertising in our print jobs.

Key benefits:

  • Simplify and automate time-consuming and challenging print management workflows to boost productivity.
  • Re-route documents or delete and add specified data across a selected batch of documents.
  • Digitally replace pre-printed letterhead paper including continuation paper thus reducing costs and increase productivity with a simpler workflow.
  • Automatically incorporate Terms and Conditions pages or alike, barcodes and other elements.
  • Remove reliance on end users to load various paper types in the correct paper trays of the office printers.
  • Retain electronic copies of printed documents to meet compliance requirements.
  • Kofax Output Manager helps protect printed documents and prevents the unauthorized flow of sensitive information.