22nd February 2022

Passport Scanning and Verification

In this video demonstration we delve into apps available for Xerox devices that provide our clients with better passport workflows. These range from our in house developed Passport Copying and Scanning apps to Xerox’s ID Checker app.

Passport Copy and Scan apps are perfect examples of simple yet effective ways of improving a document workflow, simplifying mundane daily tasks, such as making physical or digital copies of a document to save the user time. This not only boosts productivity but helps prevent errors.

We also add the ability for the user to enter metadata, making the document easily searchable and accurately filed into backend systems, and can implement other features such as automatic centring, annotations and OCR.

Our professional services team can build apps for any document workflow and are not limited to print or email delivery. We can also send back to network folders, cloud storage or document management solutions.

Xerox ID Checker is a great example of the advanced capabilities achievable with apps on Xerox devices. In this case protecting businesses from the consequences of ID Fraud.

A user scans identification documents and within seconds automatically validates their authenticity via a back-end government service. The user is presented with options onscreen to print a certificate or receive it via email. The certificate provides an authenticity score, scanned images, and document data of the processed ID, and can be used as part of a businesses onboarding workflow.

One of the key benefits of the ID Checker app is that there is no requirement for additional hardware. You simply add it on to your existing Xerox devices.

Ultimately, with the introduction of apps, your office MFD’s become so much more than just copiers, printers, and scanners. They become an integral part of your business document workflows and connect into your systems.