1st February 2022

Turn Down the Heat Day

Turn Down the Heat Day: new awareness day on 17th February invites people to consider their environmental impacts

Homes and offices invited to turn down the heat by at least one degree to raise awareness of heat conservation for minimising carbon emissions


25th January, London, UK – A new awareness day to promote the significance of energy efficiency and its role in reducing impacts to the environment has originated with Turn Down the Heat Day on 17th February.

According to National Geographic scientist Katey Walter Anthony[1], the world’s permafrost – the frozen ground beneath the polar regions of the earth – will thaw entirely by 2100. This will drastically change ecologies, raise global sea-levels, and release over 950 billion tonnes of methane into the atmosphere. Turn Down the Heat Day exists to raise awareness for the impacts can be made across homes and offices to help prevent this from happening.

Initially coined within the technology sector, Turn Down the Heat Day serves as a platform for consumers and businesses across all sectors to consider how their day-to-day decisions are impacting the environment.

Craig Melson, Associate Director for Climate, Environment and Sustainability, said: “”techUK is a strong advocate of a collaborative process between industry, people, and society that will allow us to reach net zero goals by 2050 and welcomes innovative initiatives such as Turn Down the Heat Day as a chance to promote this more widely. By encouraging people to make small, attainable changes in their day-to-day life, we can make a greater difference and provide a better future for our planet.”

Rob Clark, Managing Director for Epson UK and Senior VP for Epson Europe, comments: “The technology sector has a huge part to play in addressing the climate crisis. Energy waste in the form of heat is an obvious target for improvement in technology and can help people make an incremental yet significant impact on the environment. For example, our heat-free business printing technology reduces energy consumption by 83% compared with laser printer alternatives. Energy efficiency however is only one part of a cohesive solution needed from across different sectors to tackle climate change, therefore we hope that Turn Down the Heat Day can inspire wider exploration of this topic.”

Those committing to turning down the heat on 17th February are doing so by sharing this video via social media.



[1] https://www.epson.co.uk/heat-free-technology/turn-down-the-heat