2nd November 2021

Sustainable Print

Introducing a unique offering which combines Heat Free Technology, Follow You Print and our Global Reforestation Project to help our clients reduce their environmental impact.

Customers will benefit from becoming Paper Neutral, Reducing Energy and CO2 Usage, Reducing Print and Packaging Wastage, and Achieving various Sustainable Development Goals.

What’s more, saving the planet does not have to come at the expense of productivity or quality. Whilst traditional laser devices remain idle until reaching around 200 degrees, a heat free device comes to ready almost instantly providing a fast first page out speed. Epson’s DURABrite Ultra Ink produces high quality laser-like output.

Secure Follow You Print not only provides a simplified and more secure way of printing, but also reduces print wastage, offering users the ability to delete unwanted jobs at the device, and helping users to understand the cost and impact of printing.

Cutting down trees to turn them into paper is obviously far from ideal, but there’s no escaping the fact that society does still heavily rely on paper documents. So, by reforesting your paper usage into planting new tree’s, you can become Paper Neutral. Our reforestation projects are all independently audited by SGS International, and we guarantee 100% net survival of the trees you plant. We even give our customers the choice of which global projects they wish to contribute to and provide digital certificates of the contributions.

By working responsibly together to achieve sustainability in a circular economy, we can change the story for future generations. In summary, a Sustainable Print Solution from Fleet MPS will reduce your energy usage and subsequently heat output. Require less consumables which in turn means less packaging and less deliveries meaning lower CO2 emissions. Benefit from simple and reliable devices that require less servicing and so less engineer travel. Reduce paper wastage and reforest the equivalent amount of tree’s used to not only make your business Paper Neutral but help in creating jobs and reducing poverty in deprived areas. In short, a relatively small change, can make a huge difference.