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PlanetPress reads whatever your current systems output and provides you with the tools and freedom to use data any way you want. You'll fall back in love with your systems all over again.


Planet Press Suite

Managing your information effectively


Organisations are always looking at ways to manage their business information effectively; in order to increase staff productivity, control cost and reduce their environmental impact, without compromising data security.


Virtual Stationery


Reduce the cost of sourcing pre-printed materials


Today, many organisations still rely on pre-printed stationery, such as letterhead or compliment slips. But what happens if certain company information needs to be modified? What is the true cost of using pre-printed materials?


Common Challenges:
  • Pre-printed materials tend to be expensive
  • Stock of pre-printed paper needs to be managed
  • Creates waste if information changes unexpectedly
  • Users are not aware of which printer trays contain specific pre-printed paper.


The Solution:


Planet Press has the solution to both increase efficiency and decrease the cost of stationary.
  1. The user creates a plain letter in Microsoft Word or any other application
  2. User prints letter and in Printer Properties selects “Corporate Letterhead” template from Virtual Printer Tray
  3. Letter with full corporate branding can be printed directly to a desktop printer or sent to a secure queue for release upon authentication at the multi-functional device


  • Save money by printing on demand
  • No need to manage stock or long lead times
  • Reduce waste by printing in small batches or when required
  • Improve productivity by allowing users to print to any printer
  • Preserve brand integrity and consistency by managing changes in-house


Mail Delivery Optimisation


Optimise your mailing process and improve customer experience


Not everyone wishes to receive information by post, so why not improve the way you communicate with your customers?


Common Challenges:
  • High postage costs
  • Customers receive multiple communications through multiple pieces of mail
  • Customers do not always wish to receive communications in paper format
  • Duplicates of communications sent to customers cannot be accessed efficiently


The Solution:
  1. User prints invoices from any application or invoicing system
  2. Addresses are sorted and invoices are generated based on pre-defined branded templates. Postal barcodes and other marks can also be inserted
  3. If contact details include an email address, invoice is automatically sent by email. If not, it will be routed to the printer for postal delivery


  • Reduce cost of postage and benefit from mailing discounts
  • Reduce waste and improve efficiency of communications
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enabling communications in their preferred format
  • Improve efficiency and customer service


Personalised Communications


Enhance the value of your communications and increase sales opportunities


Achieve greater impact when communicating with your customers by creating effective, targeted communications that produce higher response rates to your campaigns.


Common Challenges:
  • Low response rates generated from customer communications
  • Creating stand out, personalised communications can be very time consuming
  • Customers receive lots of generic communications from the same organisation for different areas of interest
  • Customers prefer to receive information in different formats


The Solution:
  1. Billing data is merged with customer data from the marketing campaign database
  2. Information for each recipient is compiled into a personalised letter with targeted messaging and special offers related to past purchases
  3. Document can be sent automatically to the print room for printing and postal delivery, to an outsourced services company or delivered electronically if the customer has chosen this option


  • Increase response rates to campaigns through personalised communications
  • Make communications stand out with minimal effort
  • Improve satisfaction and reduce waste by only sending customers information that is relevant to them
  • Distribute communications to customers in their preferred format without manual intervention


Legacy Systems Integration


Integrate your legacy systems with new technologies effectively


Organisations still rely on legacy systems for their most critical processes due to the high risk and cost of replacing these systems. Improve customer communications without disrupting legacy systems or investing on new, high cost technologies.


Common Challenges:
  • Separate printing environment required for document output
  • Introducing a new way of working could mean costly changes to legacy systems or the IT infrastructure
  • Pre-printed forms tend to be expensive and stock needs to be managed
  • Manual mail preparation is very time consuming and prone to errors


The Solution:
  1. Data is extracted from legacy system without any re-programming required
  2. Data is processed automatically and merged with additional data from a different source if required. Professionally formatted documents are created in their pre-defined templates
  3. Documents are sent to print to the office printers or to the print room. Printing costs can be monitored via a separate output management solution


  • Full integration with your general printing environment and cost control policies
  • No need to update legacy systems or change business processes
  • Save money and reduce waste by eliminating pre-printed forms
  • Save time and improve customer satisfaction by automating your mail preparation process


Planet Press Suite

PlanetPress reads whatever your current systems output and provides you with the tools and freedom to use data any way you want. You'll fall back in love with your systems all over again.

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