Rock-solid All-In-One Cybersecurity for SMB’s



Cyber protection begins with security hygiene, Guardz provides continuous risk assessment, including scanning for external and internal vulnerabilities, leaked data in the dark web and active monitoring for threats targeting users, data, devices, emails and cloud applications.

Guardz combine the best practices of endpoint detection, vulnerability management, identity protection, phishing detection, cloud security, employee awareness and others in one integrated solution. Instead of having to manage many complex solutions, including some that overlap in capabilities, some that require very technical security expertise and that are very expensive. Guardz provides a holistic all-in-one solution, standing guard from the inside out, and outside in.

If you are an administrator of your businesses Office365 or Google Workspace, then Fleet MPS Professional Services can assist you with onboarding to Guardz and remediating vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Likewise, if you are an I.T administrator, then you can choose to manage Guardz yourself via its intuitive cloud-based portal without interaction from Fleet MPS.


  • Cloud-based apps such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Zoom, and Quickbooks, hold a significant amount of sensitive information making them a valuable and popular target for hackers.
  • Guardz enforces cloud apps security policies through risk identification and regulation compliance whenever its cloud-residing data is accessed.


  • Users are often unaware of the tactics, links, and ads that lead to malicious websites or applications, and expose data or confidential information. Your users might get key data stolen just by clicking on a site that embeds dangerous spyware into your system.
  • Guardz provides a lightweight extension designed to help users browse quickly and securely. It will clean your browser, speed it up, and protect private information.


  • Hackers need just one unprotected device to gain access to your entire network. Any device is a target and these days it’s easy to trick users into loading malicious software and even keyboards are entry points for attackers.
  • Guardz actively protects all devices, detects vulnerabilities, blocks Malware and quarantine threats.


  • Lack of employee awareness is a major risk. The more familiar the employees with the tactics of cyber attackers, the less likely is your clients’ business to fall prey.
  • Guardz provides your users training sessions based on their current areas of weaknesses automatically.


  • Email is a highly common entry point to an entire organization. Phishing attacks come in the form of fraud, impersonation, fake links, malicious files, images and etc.
  • Guardz seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to actively monitor the inbound traffic and block malicious activity automatically.


  • Most of today’s business data is distributed via the cloud.
  • Guardz provides full data protection that covers the identity of the user and devices accessing the data infrastructure and automatic identification of permissions and data violations.

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Once onboarded, your users are actively protected, Guardz automatically analyses the risk score of your organization and remediates the cyber issues in an automated fashion.



Rock-solid All-In-One Cybersecurity for SMB’s

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